What is Custom Software Development?

Custom Software Development

  • Sometimes back one of our client face a tough decision that should they implement an all new software IT system using a “Custom” solution and with a ready product? But sometimes answer is simple that if the requirements are general, the problem has mostly invariably solved and the obvious choice is a ready-made product. For Direct use, Microsoft Exchange will most likely satisfy the basic needs related to email. But as the system requirements grow more unique, the choice is no longer. So that this is not a simple matter.
  • Now I explain what a “custom” software solution means to us. Custom is not about making everything yourself. The Custom solution is a bunch of specifically selected individual products; every product is good at some specific function needed to solve the problem. These modules or products interact via well defined and open interfaces and allows creating or generating the optimal solutions. The product that made a custom solution may have nothing in common because it develop and maintained by a different people or companies or built with different technologies, some long ago.
  • A good solution consists of modules that fit together and complement each other. This is in contrast to a product, where all the building blocks have already been selected and the end result assembled. Somewhere in-between these two extremes line the range of proprietary platforms, often mislabeled as products. These platforms (at least aim to) allow for the same modularity and flexibility as the purely custom approach, with the significant restriction that all the modules are based on the same underlying technology.
  • Here I’ve outlined what a custom software solution means to us. Later on, I will dive deeper and discuss how to choose between custom and product-based solutions.

Cons of Custom Software Development

As customized software requires significantly more resources to design, it comes with a high amount of costs and risks. Off-the-shelf software can afford a low price point because the cost is being distributed among different users. Identifying new needs during the development process isn’t uncommon, though it results in added costs as more development time and effort is required.

How Should Customer Software Development Be?

  • The most desirable software development company will provide quality software development services and has trained and expert developers with experience.
  • Consequently, the company should provide scalable services.
  • A company that provides cloud-based services is more desirable as it offers better flexibility and security.

The software development company should use Agile methodologies and have their priorities straight.